Moving On…

20 06 2014

Just a random thoughts….

Usually when someone is in his or her comfort zone…wouldnt want to move about…! This applies to anything in life… and the most common one is in a JOB! 

Well, just like me…. I am in a firm for 2 years and have been learning the tough way…. Despite getting “curse” (yes! “curse”) i stay on the job faithfully for 2 years….until one fine day…. i realise i couldnt take the “mental and physical torture” that i decided to move on. It was a tough decision especially i master everything the “bang head” way… from zero to something… But as time goes by… the stress level increase to a stage where i have to give it a stop. I prayed very hard for GOD’s direction. And i am blessed enough that GOD pulled me out of that sticky situation fast…..though at that time of time… a day seems like a month… Now i am almost 2 months away from the firm and moving on to a new industry. I am blessed…! Memories do flash back when i browse through photographs and it reminds me of the good old time. But i have to frequently remind myself that… its over… its not easy but i have to do it. 

Since i am so blessed to be given another chance… i have to hold on to the opportunity in life…. isnt it? 


Lousy March 20

19 03 2014

My March is a pretty challenging one. I didnt manage to get a good start and am praying hard that it doesnt end too lousy.  Emotional overflow this month and i felt really lousy. Things just doesnt seems right and its a teary month.  Bad news here and there… although some doesnt relates to me but i am able to feel the sadness all over the world. Seems like the devil is working hard on me this month…trying very hard to destroy my faith in GOD. I guess it will be disappointed!

Praying Hard That Things Would Get Better Soon!

12 03 2014


NO one wants bad moments in their life. But when we met one… we would usually ask ourselves…

“why am i so unlucky?…”

“fml” whatever that come across your mind at the time of the incident.

As for me… March is a really really terrible month for me, sub-consciously i found myself tearing and the worst part is when u wake up early in the morning, realizing that i have soaked my pillow with my tears…. {*damn!*} I cried in my sleep!!!!

Juggling between family and work is really not an easy task.

Work have been piling up and its gonna buried me alive… Well, can u imagine receiving messages in the middle of the night when u probably just manage to fall sleep and the next minute the phone notification light go blinking and light up your room? That what i have been encountering for the whole of the year. {*horribe right?} Work clashes and everything seems to be in the priority list…*gasping for air!

Gastric, flu and asthma came back haunting me….

My precious is suffering from ear inflammation(infection) and we had to rush her down to the hospital.

Misunderstanding issues in the family…

I am so tired and feel like giving up!


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New Year With New Plans!

10 02 2014

Flipping through the New Book of 2014, with a New Chapter, New Hope and New Plans. I am determine to remain positive of all my thinking as we approach the Year of The Horse, believing that it will be so so so much better than the year of the Snake.

2014-Year-of-horse-4Today is the 11th day of the Lunar Chinese New Year and i am here updating my blog for this year finally. Though people have been saying that, this year is going to be tough. I am remaining positive with an open heart. I have been feeling very negative for the past years and the rest of year was pretty tough for me. Thus, i am approaching the New Year in a total different mindset this time. So far so good and i am positive that it could be better everyday and hope that my plans, my hope can come true really soon. *patience patience!

Praying that there will be harmony in the family and all of us be blessed with good health!

Hope i am not too late to wish all of you a


HUAT ah!!!!

Zumba Fitness Masterclass with ZES David Velez!

23 10 2013

Okay now… This may be nothing exciting for those pros but for a newbie like me… i am definitely excited… nervous….looking forward.  I was initially hesitating… but with the encouragement by a friend, i decided to go for it and of cos i really have to thanks my instructor for allowing me to attend as i didnt manage to rsvp on time.

This is indeed a great experiences for me.  Within 15 mins to 1/2 hr, most of us are perspiring buckets. 🙂


Looking forward to more classes like that…this is my first experience… and its never gonna be the last! 

Thanks 1fiesta for organizing! 

Never Before

26 08 2013

I have never felt how i felt this morning before. 

Its 26th August 2013 (Monday), As usual i crawl out of the my bed to take my shower, as i prepare myself to work.  As i am hesitating what to wear to work on a Monday blue morning… i notice that my sweetlove is still lazing in bed.  So i hurried myself to get changed so that i can wake her up. 

As usual, i will wake her up and tell her that i am going off to work soon.  And her usual respond is to give me a hug and a kiss… But this morning, things turn out a little different.  She look extremely moody and sat all alone at the sofa… Her responds to me seems pretty slow and i thought she is still feeling sleepy.  So as usual, i said goodbye to her and head out of the door. As i was putting my slippers in my bag as i am planning to go for my zumba class today…. I heard someone opening the wooden door. So i took a peep.  I notice sweetlove standing there peeping at me.  And she seems like hiding something from me.  So i decided to move forward to ask her if she is okay. I noticed that her eyes were red and seems like she is almost in tears.  At this moment, my heart froze.  Usually if such a thing happens, i would feel extremely vex as i am rushing to work. But this round…. i felt extremely discomfort.  As i ignore the feeling and so i said “goodbye” to her again… Sweetheart, cried! She is crying so hard that my mom had actually rush out of the kitchen to check on her.  Despite all the comfort that my parents tried to give her…. She wouldnt stop.  Till i step back into the house.  And she immediately smile.  Both mommy and myself feel the chill in our spine.  (I have absolutely no idea why are we feeling this way!) This is the ever first time i cried with her. 

I tried asking sweetlove again…and again… and she told me that she is scare…. mommy….bus…. * i saw the fear in her eyes….. *fear…

Is this what we call separation anxiety? My child is an independent girl and i had never experiences such a thing… Or is it bcos of other reasons?? I have been asking myself this question since this morning till now…. Can anyone tell me???

Disappointment Overwrite The Anger

18 04 2013


Seriously I am extremely disappointed and not angry.  I tried all my best to salvage everything but it seems like things eventually got worst.  I have my rights to reject the letter cos i am not in any position to accept it anyway.  And instructions have been given clear enough but u choose to ignore.  Anyway its normal, cos u never seems to bother anyway. Now that you are putting the blame on me (pretty obvious!) with Boss final decision.  This is totally ridiculous!

No other words can describe how i feel beside the word DISAPPOINTMENT!!!  I dont deserve such a thing at all.