Good News & Sad News

31 10 2008

Accompany mommy down to SGH to see the in-charge doctor on the 29th of Oct 2008 as daddy got a call from the doctor that mommy need to be there to take another blood test. 😦

Good news is the blood count level is improving but of cos the sad news is….Mommy’s Vitamin B12 is low and she would require to go for an injection.  The doctor actually told us that the lack of Vitamins B12 is a very serious problem as she is just have STM in long term….and eventually forget about us, in another word its like a memory erase!!!

This makes me extremely upset as i can feel how mommy feel.  But of cos i cant show my feelings at that point…cos i know i have to stay positive and strong so that i can give mommy the strength to face this obstacle in life. How i hope that i could be the one suffering instead of her…. 😦

Pray that mommy have a SPEEDY RECOVERY~! Friends out there…pls do help me to pray too~!!! Pls~!




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