Sophia’s Advance Birthday Celebration~

31 10 2008

Before i start posting on the celebration details….I must do something….and that is to….

Wish Sis Sophia a,

Happy Advance Birthday…

(this is just in case i forget to wish her on the actual day~)

Met up with Jason first to get the birthday pressie and seriously its a very stressful task cos she doesnt need anything in fact…(i guess so la) but ended up chatting with a friend… lolz. As we are shopping for her pressie, Edmund came to join us… and of cos we ended up buying a pinky rabbit for her with a sunflower…lolz

Then we proceed on for dinner at a Japanese restaurant proudly recommended by Edmund Lim which after that we are simply hanging around outside the resturant sharing job stress and gossiping and craping around…lolz and of cos with me around…i wont forget to take photos… Erm…infact i already started this nonsences while eating…..basically taking candid photos. lolz  *i didnt post it here but psst~! i did it post it in fbook. lolz….After that we head on to coffee bean in AMK hub for a coffee session… which i wanna apologise to Edmund lo cos hor i told him not to workout for he day lo… *(sorry hor! haha, i know i am bad lo~!) Of cos good times….times flies… and its time to head home especially when Mira stays i CCK and the rest got to work except for me who is unemployed now and Jason is off the next day… lolz

Okay la… here are some of the photos we took… hahaha

Oh ya… u all must be thinking why the photos consist of watches also… Well of cos not to “show off” our watch la jus that Edmund’s watch happen to be the same series and brand as mine….so we are jokingly saying that its a couple watch…. lolz

Hahahaha ok of my nonsences le… here are the photos….




One response

8 11 2008

Wei, should not post my pics cos I look big inside there haha. Maybe can post more bikini babes to generate more Hits!!! for your site. Keke, just kidding, keep up the good work : )

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