What is your Japanese Name?

9 11 2008

Wanted to share with you guys.

For the instructions, add your name on the list and simply spell out your name using the given Japanese letter- translations below.


A – ka  B – tu

C – mi  D – te

E – ku  F – lu

G – ji   H – ri

I – ki    J – zu

K – me  L – ta

M – rin  N – to

O – mo   P – no

Q – ke   R – shi

S – ari   T – chi

U – do  V – ru

W – mei  X – na

Y – fu  Z – zi

My Japanese Name is :

Mekirintukushitafu Takirin


I have already translated some of my friends name here…

Wendy Lai – Meikutotefu Takaki

Sophia Tan – Arimonorikika Chikato

Jason Tan – Zuka arimoto Chikato

Patrick Tan – Nokachishikimime Chikato

Edmund Lim – Kuterindotote Takirin

Hahahahahaha “Chim chim”~!




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