Rainy Nite Thoughts~

27 11 2008

Its another rainy night…
The sky are red and of cos its raining cats and dogs now…
I am lying on my bed with my lappy typing this blog….
How i hope i could actually snuggle in ur arms now…
But u are not there….

Life havent been improving much after that nasty incident i have…
Its like a month already and obviously i cant get over it…
Cos this “pinky bitch” is still weeping over it…..

Have been very nasty to people around me… *u know who u r*sorry*
Just bear with me…. i hope i can overcome it very soon…….*keeping my fingers crossed!*

Anyway, i am turning older soon… well thats like 2 weeks (+/-) later ba… lolz
The feeling obviously sucks and getting a little emotional cos thats the day of my first cry XX years ago….
Dont really feel like making it big….
Maybe just spending the day with my love ones…

Well… i guess i shouldnt be making my readers bored….
I shall end here and i promise *keeping my fingers crossed again* that i will update more often…

Muacks, and love u all…

***Why m i a “pinky bitch”?***
I go crazy when i see pink…
Just like….
My psp is pink
My ds lite is pink
My Mp3 is pink
My Iphone case is pink
My lappy is pink
My water bottle is pink
My bags are pink
My shoes are pink
My piglet is pink
My perfume bottle is pink

and the list continues…..lolx




One response

27 11 2008

“An Apple A Day Keeps the Doctor Away”……

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