Old School~! Remember The Time~!

30 11 2008

Today i went back to Bedok and was checking my old stuffs where i came across alot of old school stuffs like…….

1.My Pager….oh ya… pager….*Guess what… after i fix in the battery its still works!!!

Hmmm excuse me ah… Singtel ah~ can u bring pager back to life again anot ah??? lolz


2.My Cassette *Smurf special edition de hor…and i remember it clearly that, Daddy is the one who bought it for me de lo~


3.My Primary School Environmentalist Science Club badge….*yaya! i am a nerd back in primary school time…okay!!!


4.My Secondary School NPCC badges….which inclusive of Safety First, Marksmanship and Crime Prevention….other badges like Camp Craft & Baton Drills de went MIA le. *weep~!


5.And my young time photos…but after selection i have choosen one which i think its the adorable…lolz








Isnt It?

I am indeed adorable when young right? lolz

Hmmm, was thinking if i should post some other photos of myself when young… ! But seriously hor… i really look like one potential nerd lo… lolz




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