My Birthday Wishes~

13 12 2008

I had 3 birthday wishes this year… * can the old lady here just get the benefit for it???

Well and one of the wishes came true, but not very exact also.

As you all know that i have been jobless for almost 2 months le. And the recession which killed alot of people out there pulls us down. I guess there will sure be a sudden increase in the percentage of unemployed starting from end November this year due to the recession.

But Thank God that i found a job already.  So happy lo!

Seriously hor… i have not been actively been going for interviews lo… Hmmm, doing a calculatio hor… think only went for 3 interviews lo and i am of cos not pinning  hopes on it cos of the RECESSION!  The previous incident affect me so badly that my love ones see the change in me. *sulk

Really glad that one of wishes granted and praying very hard for the other 2 to come true.

Anyway, really want to thanks y bi for giving me such a fantastic birthday….though nothing really fantatsic but i am love and blessed to have you spending the time and day with me. Love you lots

Okay la, got to stop here le… changing and heading down to AMK hub le. ^^




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