Busy & Tired & Abit Fustrated

18 12 2008

I have been jobless for a month plus 12 days and i finally start working in XXXXX…hahaha as i don know if i am gonna be there for long i wouldnt want to annouce the company i am working for at the momet.

2 days since i started working and everything….consider so far so good lo.lolz

Location is not very far from my home but of cos at times the traffic condition kills me….

Just like today the stupid bus driver simply never spare a thought for the paxs de lo. Its already overloading le yet when paxs press the door bell, he open and close the door almost immediately that me and other paxs nearly missed the stop.  Hmmm and of cos other inconsiderate pax can block the area for us to alight de lo. Somemore can raise his voice after i say “excuse me” so many times and he ignore me. Kns~!

And this msg is to someone out there who gave me attitude.

Listen here Slut~ i think i have tolerated u enough le…I dont think i offended u so far but u choose to step on my tail. Nb~ U think lao niang very nice to bully is it.  Lao niang talk to u nicely and u simply ka lao niang ya ya papaya ah. Simply no brain le now still openly wana be con by men again. haiz.

“bo wei kong liao, zhi tao cheng sim”

I guess all i have to do is to sit back and relax and just watch show… and see who have the last laugh~




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