My Saturday Morning~

20 12 2008

Hmm… guess what? I am now sitting in the office now typing this blog…

Seriously i am so freaking sleeping with heavy eyes that can just shut me off to bed anytime…I didnt manage to catch a good sleep last night as my mind is so freaking clear when i took a glimsp at the clock and reaslie that its freaking 4am and i am working at 8:30am today…

Yawn~ how i hope i can have my 5 working days job back… *sulk

Anyway, after a few days of work here… i am glad that i have 1 or 2 who can really communicate one… or should i say can click ah!! But……

Okay la maybe i should stop here le before i get F by my mentor… lolz *err like she will lo actually….

Will transfer the 2 photos took in the office yesterday de as the HR Dept staffs did came down to sing Christmas carols lo… lolz

Will be back tonight to post the photos ba.





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