Why Bother?

20 01 2009

First, you decide to accuse me for things that i have not done after all the hardwork i put in.

Then after going through so many rounds of union discussion….. i gave up….

Its not because i admit that its my fault…its just that i couldnt be bother to fight anymore…. its simply a waste of time.

After several months and weeks…. i thought i will get over this nasty incident till the freaking HR called and told me about the cheque. Well….i thought i told the union to ask u guys to use the money for tea break why bother to return me a cheque of 20 over bucks. Dont tell me nonsense like…u are returning me in goodwill….Freaking hell, i don need this 20 over bucks to survive…. All i want i to get my name clear….simple as that….




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