It Been Such A Long Time Since I Posted~

13 02 2009

Its been such a long time since i type something here in my bloggy…

People must be wondering….where have i gone to….Some may think that i am overseas, busy with work (when i don have one…) or probably dead…

In fact, i am hiding in one corner of my room..doing some deep thoughts…

People who knows me, knew that some irritating, depressing issues falls on my several months back….. And of cos i thought i have already gotten over it , only to realize that i still weep over it…


1. I still cant accept the fact that the company is doing this to me cos its simply obvious that i should be working now instead of typing this blog at home.  U knew that the market is bad and u killed me and the others by accusing us. Well, i shall see what kind of retribution u will get….

2. People have been trying to hurt me by saying hurting words and probably doing things to hurt me too. U think u have succeeded?

Well, think about it again….

“Hell Halt No Fury Like A Woman Scorned”


I am trying very hard to get over it…. but how to? I am still trying to figure out.

*but thanks to all the nonsenses that came…cos of all of u….i lost weight le… lolx

Anyway, I am now still waiting for a result of something… hoping that i will not disappoint me…..

I have been praying to God and hope that he did answered my prayer….


During this period of time, i am glad that family r/s did improve especially after grandma was hospitalize and i fell sick cos of my low immune system.  But of cos, hoping that everything will improve further….

Here is a photo of the “yu sheng” that we had on the last day of CNY.

Wasnt well taken cos it was taken via my iPhone….


And also some of the photos taken at the Singapore Zoo on the 07th February 2009 during the Safari Run.











Thats him before and after the run…lolx


Taking photo for his customise certificate. lol

Oh ya…there is something else to share here with my readers (*if there is) …..

i have already bought my camera….

collected my bags….(*i simply love it…)


but still looking for a job…. anyone have a job to recommend? lox

Hope to have more photos posted up real soon. lolx

(*any outings?)




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