Something I Wanted To Say~

14 02 2009

Was doing some reading and this is what i came across from a person i call “friend” posting….

I AGREE TOTALLY~ What about you?

A lot of people I knew personally, like looking back into what they’ve done. They call it reminiscing. I don’t see a problem with that except that most of them chose to do it in a manner that is very destructive.

They review the past wishing and hoping that they’ve never done certain things, hypothesizing that if they had never done what they did, they would be much better off.

That they would be spared the agonizing experience which they went through.

That they would not be required to bear the blemish of that “stinking” past.

But the truth is, when you’re doing that, you’re indirectly judging yourself. You get upset for the “imperfections” you’ve sole-handedly created and tries to make it up by working even harder. Even when you’ve attained remarkable achievements, you still felt that they weren’t enough. Whatever you’ve done couldn’t atone for the misdeeds. Because in your eyes, your past was too unforgivable.

To lessen the pain, some people chose to relinquish all responsibility. Like in relationship, they pushed the blame to others. However, it just makes them even more conscious of that “imperfection”, a pain that wouldn’t go away.




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