22 02 2009


This straight-up means ur the most good-looking person possible… better than all of these other months!

Loyal and generous. > * nodding head wif agreement

Patriotic.> isnt this the same meaning as LOYAL?

Competitive in everything.> so that we can improve further mah!!!

Active in games and interactions. > who doesnt?

Impatient and hasty.> hahaha i agree, well this also depends on a case to case basis….

Ambitious. Influential in organizations.> well thats also the reason why some bitch out there wanna get me out of the company~

Fun to be with.> i don know about this… wanna check out with my pals???

Easy to talk to, though hard to understand.> didnt i say…i am simple yet complicated?

Thinks far with vision, yet complicated to know.> lolz i agree….

Easily influenced by kindness.> thats y some bitches and bastards took advantage of me about things~

Polite and soft-spoken.> i can be polite and soft spoken when i am shy~

Having lots of ideas. > yaya! crappy ideas….

Sensitive.> yeap! a sensitive bitch! with the world scariest 6th senses power~

Active mind.> yeah~ unless i am dead!!! !@#$

Hesitating, tends to delay. Choosy and always wants the best. >choose the best or else forget it!

Temperamental.> depends on who steps on my “tail”

Funny and humorous. > u judge me and not me judging myself!

Loves to joke.>crappy jokes?

Good debating skills.> if not in school, y teacher send me for debating competition?

Has that someone always on his/her mind.> hmmm…i think so too…..

Talkative.> thatsefficient interaction lah~

Daydreamer. > who doesnt dreams….night dreams are usually nightmares or wet dreams!!! lolx

Friendly.> i think i am~

Knows how to make friends.> i can “make frds” – shd i use a blender or mixer for this?

Abiding. > LAW by LAW mah…

Able to show character. one guy/girl kind of person.> i am always born with a character…

Loveable.> am i? if i am i guess i am very sweet ya….highly addictive~

Easily hurt.> womens are made of water mah..i am also human de lo~

Prone to getting colds.> freak i m having it now!!! !@#$%

Loves music.> music is my life~




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22 02 2009

I almost all the same as u. Cos I born in Dec also.

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