True Love Exists?

22 02 2009

Went down to the Job Fair in Bedok Central yesterday….

As expected, the overwhelming respond scares me…. I know that the no. of unemployed is increasing and freaking hell, thats includes me!!! The way they squeeze, push, step like they are rushing for a reincarnation. Anyway, i have no patiences to stay on….i decided to head back to Bedok house.

> Help Mommy & Aunt to put facial mask <

> Did manicure & pedicure for Mommy<

> Then went down to Micheal’s salon as Aunt wanted to have a haircut… <

Then head back to Hougang home…

At about 7pm in the evening, i changed and head down to Changi Village cos they have the usual weekends night market. Pretty instresting cos u dont see those items sold in the usual neighburhood “Pasa Malam” But of cos because of that reason, some of the items sold are pretty ex….So i guess a little negotation skill is required.

And since i am so near to the “hauted building” call OCH, i decided to dropby and take a look.  Got to know Bryan, Jack and a Gal there. Sharing experiences and came to know that they are from a personal organization , SPX if i am not wrong.

Then i came to know from Bryan something really very touching.  Its about a old man who is an existing taxi driver.

Frequent, explorers will notice that, whenever they are there.  They will see a taxi making rounds for a few time within half an hr or so….


Well, he have a reason for doing this… initially u may find him a “sicko” but as u think about it…its very touching and seriously i almost tear….






His beloved wife passed away in The Old Changi Hospital…. The reason he drove up is hoping to be able to see his descended wife… cos alot of people told him that, they have seen “things” there…II.


Its 12 years ago or probably more since they are shifted over to the new buiding in Simei. Most people may have already set people who decended aside and go on in life.  Knowing that they are part of our memories…

But this taxi uncle believe to be still missing his wife….

How many people out there are like him?

A Summaries History of The Old Changi Hospital


1930 to 15 February 1997

The Old Changi Hospital (OCH) is situated at Netheravon Road in Changi Villages. It has quite a long (70 years) and rich history for being the former hospital of today’s modern Changi General Hospital.

Changi Hospital was a military hospital before it became a public acute hospital in the mid-1970s. It provides a serene location for patients seeking medical treatment and care.

During the assault of the Japanese aggression in February 1941, Changi was targeted as one of the first attacks points. The Japanese army moving from Puala Ubin occupied it. Soon after that OCH was converted to a military hospital. It survived from the dreadful World War II that took place from 1942 to 1945, witnessing the brutal tortures towards the prisoners of war that happened there.




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