Qian Bian Wen Da Ti (欠扁问答题)

24 02 2009

Q1) Ah Mei’s dad has 7 wives. The 5th and 7th are Africans. Guess a Chinese idiom.

A1) Wu Qi Ma Hei (乌漆麻黑 = 五七妈黑)

Q2) There’s a party in the forest. Who didn’t get to eat the cake!?!

A2) GRASS because Cao Mei Dan Gao (草莓蛋糕 = 草没蛋糕)

Q3) Ah bao was murdered! However, the police quickly found the killer. Who was it?

A3) Ah Dou because Dou Sha Bao (豆沙包 = 豆杀包)

Q4) Xiao Bai and Da Bai are bros. As Xiao Bai grows older, he looks more and more like his bro. Guess a Chinese idiom.

A4) Zhen Xiang Da Bai (真相大白= 真像大白)

Q5) Osama, Bush , Blair and Saddam play mahjong. Who will win first ??

A5) Saddam Hussein because Saddam Hu Xian (胡先)

Q6) What’s the panda’s 2 biggest wishes?

A6) i. Get rid of dark eyes ring ii.Taking colour photo

Q7) Who will pick up the dumpling (ba zhang) on the floor ?

A7) Xiang Long because Xiang Long Shi Ba Zhang (祥隆十八掌 = 祥隆拾ba zhang)

Q8) There are 3 Male and 1 Female pencils in a box. The Female pencil got pregnant!! Which Male pencil is responsible?

A8) The one without the rubber

Q9) Xiao Ming drinks milk to grow up. What does Da Ming drink?

A9) Alcohol because Jiu Yang Da Ming (久仰大名= 酒养大明)

Q10) Which brand of shampoo is the wealthiest?

A10) “Lux” Super Rich

Q11) Which animal should you look for if you’re unable to open a bottle cap?

A11) Peacock because Kong Que Kai Ping (孔雀开屏 = 孔雀开瓶)

Q12) How many Brothers does Aladdin have?

A12) 3 brothers because 阿拉甲, 阿拉已, 阿拉丙 then followed by 阿拉丁

Q13) 放烟火为什么不会射到星星?

A13) 因星星会闪。

Q14) Which boat/ship/vessel does not have a TV ?

A14) MediaCorp because  Xin Chuan Mei Dian Shi (新传媒电视 = 新船没电视)

Q15) How could you tell if a person kenna bird flu?

A15) When he start to jiang niao hua (讲鸟话)

Q16) 一个半分熟的牛排和一个4分熟的牛排在路上碰面, 但他们没打招呼,为什么?

A16) Because 他们不熟 。。

Q17) A lady went to the dentist to remove one decay teeth. In the end, the dentist pluck off two teeth (including the decay teeth). Why is it so??

A17) It is because the dentist don’t have enough loose change for the lady ….so pluck out one more teeth..

Q18) Little Red Riding Hood was chased by a wolf. She then ran into the nearest MRT station, the wolf  followed her. How come the wolf did not eat her up?

A18) Coz no eating n drinking in MRT !!!

Q19) Farmer A sells Dogs. Farmer B sell Cats. What does Farmer C sell?

A19) Farmer C sells Medicine! Because Pharmacy!!

Q20) 糖果是公还是母的?Sweet is Male or Female?

A20) Female! 母的,因为糖会‘生’蚂蚁。

Q21) Between a serial killer and a monk… who will become buddha first?

A21) 放下屠刀,立地成佛 [Put down your knife and become a buddha immediately




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