Signs He’s Cheating

4 03 2009

Be in-the-know about the telltale signs of a cheating spouse/partner

If you suspect your partner hasn’t been faithful, there are usually warning signals to look out for. And according to marriage counselor and author of The Truth About Cheating M. Gary Neuman, who surveyed 200 cheating and non-cheating husbands, men who are involved in extra-marital affairs do share some similar traits:

He spends more time away from home. 55 percent said more time spent away from home was a sign that they were close to infidelity, and this rose slightly to 61 percent when they were involved in infidelity.

You have lesser sex. 34 percent of men reported diminished sexual activity as a sign that they were close to infidelity, and it increased to 43 percent once the affair began.

He avoids your phone calls. 29 percent of men admitted to avoiding their partners’ cell phone calls when they were on the verge of infidelity, and this dipped slightly to 24 percent when they became involved in an extra-marital affair.

He criticizes you more. 25 percent said they started criticizing their wives, and this decreased to 19 percent once the infidelity began.

He starts more fights with you. 20 percent said they had more quarrels with their wives.

What’s interesting, Neuman points out, is that the majority of the men started displaying these warning signs before they cheated. So they indicate not only that a husband is cheating but are also a precursor to his cheating.

“Remember, it’s not proof that he’s cheating, but it’s pretty clear that he’s close, and there should be no waiting on talking about changes to make your marriage better quickly,” he adds. “If you can catch the signs in time you might avoid the pain of infidelity and be able to repair your relationship,” Neuman concludes.




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