Feeling Emotional…

26 03 2009

I woke up in tears cos i dreamt of a buddy/god brother…

The reason is simple… I dream that he left me…. *ya…he died….

Talk about this man…..

I knew him since secondary school and that was when i am like 14+ old…(cos i am a Dec child mah)

We happen to be in the same class and we don’t really talk much at the start of Secondary 3, but as time passed. We became close friends… We plan, when to ‘ja-bo’ (run away) from school, where to go after getting out of the school, hiding at the blocks stairs smoking… etc.

During the CNY, me and bunch of friends will drop by at his place and start visiting all other friends home.

I still remember:

The time when he failed his private ‘O’s and i cried with him…

When i was working in SIAEC after i left school, which i eventually pull him in the company to work as a part time clerk.

The fun we had at the chalet on his 21st birthday. Remembering how i ‘sabo’ him with the thick cream, asking him to treat it as a moon tan lotion.

The drinking & dancing moments we have at “Chinos-Chinos” @ Cinelesiure which eventually closed down and changed the to No.5 @ Wheelock Place….

The time when we are so drunk and i go knocking the Nokia glass panel asking them to open for me to repair my then stupid nokia phone…

The time i cried when me and my ex-bf broke up…

The time when he had this lousy gf that ruin his life…and we fought cos i want him to be out of hell….

The time we went fishing and got ‘chao da’ and eventually drenched cos of the heavy rain…

Just not long ago, i text him some sarcastic words cos i am so pissed & upset with his current gf (damn! i am the one who brought them together okay~!!! And this gal simply doesn’t know how to appreciate!) I wanna forgo this god bro cos i am just so sick with what she said….I even said that i doesn’t want this god bro anymore!!!

But i decided to text him when i woke up from the dream that left me teary.

This is how the text go~

Me : I dream that u met an accident and died. Please be careful.

Him : Yesterday nearly kana knock by a lorry

Me : Please be careful… I even dream that your left leg is gone. Please be careful, please promise me that.  I don wish to cry. I woke up realizing that i cried. Now eyes swell.

Him : Okie I will.

Me : Ok then.  U have email? Later i email something that i wanna tell u.

Him : Dun cry…Its heaven’s will tat i am gone like that… If I’m gone like that must come send mi leh….

(well, at this moment….i am tearing again le… )

Me : I don know if you still regard me as ur sis.  But i don want u to go like that….

Him : U always will be my sis…its u who dun wan mi lor….

(arghhh…. at this moment….my tears flow like river liao lo…)

Haiz~! from this text message… can u see how close our bonds are? To me…he is like my blood brother de lo…

Seriously…i do miss him lo…





2 responses

29 03 2009

This blog’s great!! Thanks :).

9 04 2009
Matt C

Hey Kimmy ling..

I just read your blog and I think it rox… ps I hope you liked my wedding pics… Sometimes I thought u had a heart of stone – but after reading that blog I can realise you really do have a sweet heart…….

Cheers ur aussie Matt..

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