Some Updates

8 04 2009

Time to do some updates on my recent situation for the last few days or should i say weeks…. lolx

Hmmm, let me refer to my lovely 2009 organiser first.


Lets kinda backdate to 15th of March…

wohooo thats quite some time back, so i guess i may have alot to blog about.

15th of March 2009 – Sunday > Sunny Day

Accompany him to Punggol for his Sub-Urban Run 2009 @ 7am


The event ends at about 10 plus and we took the shuttle bus provided for this event to Sengkang MRT . Hahaha but of cos i got to pay a dollar for the ride as i did not participate for the run.  The run for him is a fulfilling one as he manage to complete the run despite spraining his ankle.

After the run, we head down to Compass Point for our lunch or should i say late breakfast.

As usual, the place is pack as it was Sunday –  family day i guess, which after that we head down to Best Denki to buy scanner.  After much consideration, we decided to purchase the Epson one as it is affordable and GOOD!

(I rated it only after using it…okay… Dont forget this is a backdated posting lei!)

Ooooo! I just love my Epson All In One~!!!


A little bit more shopping for my Bio-Essence lotion and placing order for his Timex Watch before we head home.

Thanks Goodness…

He is on leave tmr > 16th of March 2009, else duno how is he going to work with his swollen ankle.

18th of March 2009 – Wednesday > Sunny Day

Went Changi for some kind of recce with BL….

Manage to snap some photos with some unusual images….


20th of March 2009 – Friday >Rainy Noon

Went Singapore Flyers with Mommy.  Was initially kinda worried after the last incident they have.  Thank Goodness, we had a safe ride but of cos the so call 30 minutes ride seems so fast. lolx.

Here are some of the photos taken in the capsule. ^.^


26th March 2009 – Thursday > Sunny Day

Met up with 2 friends (which eventually one became a whole bastard!). We did some exploration and during this period of time, i came to know how bastard u are.

Nothing but just a BULLSHITTER!!!

In the late night, i met up with another 2 friends for late night chill out…

27th March 2009 – Friday

Suppose to attend the Facebook chalet organise by Mark but cos of someone….

I decided not to go…

Sorry Mark…

28th March 2009 – Saturday > Sunny Day

Met up with Jia @ AMK Hub to collect the  Doraemon Cupcake that i order from her for mommy’s really super early birthday.

Then went over to SK to by mommy her pressie and also not forgetting my dearie daddy and brother.

Thank goodness, Kenny (brother’s friend) is working there and he gave me lots of suggestions.

desktop129th March 2009 – Sunday

Guess what i got this diamond ring as a suprise.


*photo wasnt well taken cos of the reflection

30th of March 2009 – Monday > Sunny Day

Met up with a few friends at Parkway Borders…

Oooo…i just love that place!!!

Got myself a Wicca Book….


31st of March 2009 – Tuesday

I think i got a sore throat!!!


01st of April 2009 – Wednesday – Sunny Day

Wasnt feeling quite well as i didnt manage to sleep the day before.

Start to have body ache and was feeling chill, but made my way to the interview.

Thank goodness, you came to fetch me or else i would have fainted.

Though feeling unwell, i still have some errands to run as i need to collect his Frogman  Shock and also decided to give myself a shopping therapy and ended up buying a pair of flats.

I am so tired & sick that i fell asleep in the car. lolx

02nd of April 2009 – Friday

Went to my favourite resturant of all time


Located @Changi Coast Walk

A very simple & nice layout restaurant.


After that went down to Changi to meet up some friends there… before heading home…

03rd April 2009 – Saturday > Sunny Day

Went for lunch @ my second favourite place located @ Kovan

HongKong Cafe


I also signed up to be their member…


05th April 2009 – Monday > Sunny Day

Went down to Jurong Point with the intention to buy my keypouch after looking for it for so damn long.

Went Ajisen for lunch & re-signed to be their member.

Shopping around and was kinda disappointed but just before i decided to head down to IMM, i went in to M]phosis with no regrets… lolx

Yeap yeap~

I finally bought my keypouch and wrislet to my desire.


Then till now i am trying very much to recover from my damn throat.


Seems like this is really a super long post…





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