Finally Its Alive…

19 04 2009

I am feeling so damn down on the 17th of April 2009 lor.

Reason is very simple…. I am gonna send my 2 lappy for service. The Axioo pinky one is having some speaker problem which i think i got to send it for retification before the warranty ends and also my long dead HP lovely lappy…which dies off several months ago but i am either too busy or too lazy to send it down for service….

So on this fine day which is 17th of April, i decided to send it down for service at one of my friend’s shop in Chinatown.  Sad that i have to part with my lappy but on the other hand happy cos i guess its still revive-able.

Wohooo… After a day of sadness… my frd text me and told me that my HP lappy is done and of cos i am using it now to update this blog. 🙂

Reason for my lappy to have died….

My hardisk crashed and died-ed!!! Then some of my keys cant use which he initially suggest that he assign the keys or alternatively i can actually use a external keyboard….Which after several discussion with him…. We decided to change the keyboard also which is pretty costly. And now my lappy is alive again…

Happy Happy!

I simply love my HP lappy…

However my Axioo is still at the service ctr. Just hope that there is no major problem lo…

Okay la…gtg and slp le….





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