My Update Of The Week…

2 05 2009

Hmmm thousand apologies my dear readers out there….

Havent got the time to update my blog due to some reasons (which i will be mentioning as the blog go….)

Ehhh…so as usual lo. I will have some postdated posting lolz.

Starting from the 21st of April ba….

Went to the zoo and also to JB…. to relax my mind since i am having an interview the next day… Well all of u know… now recession period hor, a bit tough to find job mah….

Heheh here are some of the selected photos taken there….friends in my facebook would have see the photos already….


This is my personal favourite… Nice mah?

22nd of April 2009 (Wed)

I am having an interview at 4:55pm today…

Everything seems fine to me…hope its good news for me ya.

23rd of April 2009 (Thur)

The company called and ask me to go down for a test or shd i say a 2nd interview. 🙂

*hey hey… I PASSED! And i will be starting work on Monday 27th April le.

24th of April 2009 (Fri)

Accompany him to the polyclinic after his IPPT.  Doctor told him not to run anymore le or his leg will get worse.  Went for the x-ray and be back for review next week.  Hope everything is fine.

25th of April 2009 (Sat)

Went down to mommy’s place and OMG, its simply not my day.  I woke up with a terrible pain around my wisdom tooth area.  * Infact the pain got worst!  Was hoping and praying that i can endure the pain and eventually the pain will go off… But… *well the pain kills.  I have no choice but to seek the dental help.  After checking, he told me that i would have to remove my wisdom tooth and its gonna be extraction.  No matter if its gonna be operation or extraction… Its both painful. 

I had the extraction done out of no choice and it cost me a freaking hell of $225. ($170 extraction + $35 medication + $20 x-ray) sob~

Right after the extraction, i went down to Wisma to sign up for the Shape Run in July. Unbelievable ya.  lolx Guess what? Right after i am done with the signing up the numb feeling is gone and i start to sulk more and got tempremental cos its so freaking painful. My face swell and i cant eat lo. haiz

26th of April 2009 (Sun)

My face swell so much that i feel like boxing myself or should i say, i should just hide in a corner.  I look like a !@#$% … And i am worried, cos the next day is my first day at work.




3 responses

2 05 2009
lively gal

hey jie…. lol…. how’s ur tooth liao??? now ok le ma??? congrats on finding a job wor…. 😉

8 05 2009

thanks mei, i have been busy so i have not been updating my blog.
how r u…

9 05 2009
lively gal

Im fine wor…. take care of urself wor…. 😉

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