My Next Update Of The Week

8 05 2009

I think this post may be a little bit wordy. Reason is very simple, cos i have no time to upload photos… Hope u guys will not fall aslp reading my blog.

27th of April,

Its my first day at work, well on such a day, people will usually put in the best to everyone. Cos the impression counts. But i failed, cos my face swell still cos of the wisdom tooth extraction.   The pain did not suside in time and i ended up attending work with a pain.

My supervisor is good enough as she suggest that i head home cos i basically don look good.  I have no choice but to head down to my dental instead and he confirm that there is an extreme bad swell.

I was then put on medical leave the next day too. 😦

29th of April,

I am back to work and i feel great, cos my tooth is no longer swelling as bad…

01st of May,

Happy Belated Labour Day~

03rd of May,

We went Kovan Heartland Mall to get my spectacles done… and also getting my running shoes.. Then head home, with the intention to go running but after i took the trial test online… I fainted…


06th of May,

went down to Kovan again to collect my specs….. and even gotten my E63.

Happy Happy…

08th of May,

Now in office typing this blog and counting anbd waiting for time to strike 6pm

And tmr is a holiday…





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