Missing Me?

12 07 2009

Anyone missing me out there?

Hmm…of cos i do really really hope some people out there… do miss me…

Apologise for going missing cos i am so busy with my life… People who know me…should know that i am a busy gal who sometimes required “advance booking” de…lolx

I have also been trying to keep fit (trying very hard and keeping my fingers cross)… So far i have been jogging and swimming after work… Hoping that i can have the stamina to swim more and job more. So that i can perform well in the Shape Run.

Anyway, on the 30th i ‘pei’ him to the marathon run area. As usual, i am worried that he will strain his ankle injuries, which he did. But of cos, i am proud that he manage to finish the 42km.  “Well Done!!!”

Here is the 2 photos which i took for him after the Marathon…



A latest update of myself….

I am jobless now….all thanks to….

Anyway i am planning for the next step in my life….real soon….

Jus wanna give people a pc of advise.

STOP BEING A PLASTIC COS U ARE MELTING ALREADY! And like what my frd Nigel said… “Cheap Plastic!”




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