Emotional Overtake?

22 09 2009



Feeling kinda emotional today at work….

Some may feel that i may have got out at the wrong side of my bed…

But its totally wrong…

I was tossing and turning on bed last night since 12mn…

*already a burnt toast liao lo if i am a piece of bread….

And i simply could get to sleep at all…

Well, right after 40 winks i woke up like a zombie in the box….


I took a cab to work cos i am really very tired, however luck doesnt seems to be on my side today… I got a very impatient driver who drove so fast and nearly meet several accident and even got on the wrong lane and require to make a whole round U-turn…Throughout the journey, due to the heavy traffic… he constantly show his temper and also… scolded me…for the jam…which is like non of my business…

The best thing is when he suggest that i alight along Lornie Road lo… and he is all the while in the right lane.

Which means…. i will be in the centre diversion….if i really alight…

And nevertheless….

YES! I am late…when i am not suppose to!!!! 







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