Post Dated Posting~

27 09 2009

Went for my monthly routine check up on the 24th of September.

As usual, i am anxious what the doctor gonna say.  I was there early and the doctor is not available to see me cos of one of the complication from one of the patient.  When its my turn, i anxiously walk in the room, praying hard that everything will be fine. Did a ultrasound and of cos the most exciting part is hearing the heartbeat.  And at that point i almost burst into tears.  Happy Happy!

……Sad thing is….I fell sick cos of the lousy weather… and lead me to very bad cough and fever.

The next day i am on medical leave…. Sob sob!

Today, went for a charity meal, Ikea & Giant with Daddy and Mommy.

The weather is so bad that you can simply feel your skin instantly drying up and tearing apart…

Ist stop in Ikea…

then Giant …

Guess i walk too much ended up having swelling feet…. 😦 and not forgetting all  the aches on me….


I am really tired and need an extremely good rest….!

Shall stop here first…

Will blog again when i am awake!





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