Falling Sick

2 10 2009

The haze is sure a killer lately.

Just imagine the fact that the Singapore Flyer which is visible from my block went missing! Not forgetting all the IR Buildings…. Too bad my camera is unable to capture the hazy look.

I havent been feeling well lately, been having cough and also headache.  Its really a toture…. The worst is the heat is a killer.  Went to see the TCM and of cos…. Medications are no miracle pills that will cure you immediately. It requires time….. Plus the haze is so bad lately that i guess its an add on to the virus around.  Like today, the weather is so bad, the heat is scary.   My headache never seems to get better instead it got worst.  Oh my! Help!!!!!

Cant blog anymore le. Will try to blog soon!  I am spinning  already!!!




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