Feeling Terrible…

4 10 2009

Decided to go out for a walk with mommy and aunt on Saturday…

Took a bus then train down to JP….and as expected no one will ever give up their seats even if u are an elderly or pregnant lady standing infront and having them seated on the priority seats in the train. But fortunately, i am able to get a seat….All thanks to Mommy who is alert….

By the time i reach JP i was already exhausted…

As usual, the place is so pack on a Saturday! After ging to NTUCExtra, decided to chill out at OldTown White Coffee…which i ended up feeling extremely disappointed with both the product and service.


The staffs at the counter are in a mess, they doesnt know who to collect the money from.

They slam the drinks on the table.


The cup they use are all cracked. Don’t they know that it will have bacteria like that?

Are they only interested in making money only and consumer health is their last concern.

I have since wrote them a feedback and only awaiting for a reply.

Reach home feeling totally exhausted and seems like i am getting worst….

Coughing whole night and of cos my cramp got worst. Feel so heartpain for my baobei baby.

Now that i feel slightly better….i am keeping my fingers crossed that i wont get worst.

Okay la i shall stop here le….as i need to lie down on my bed to rest le.

Body aching killing me!





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