Acting Smart?!? – Some Updates

12 10 2009

Some people out there are always thinking that they are the smartest and most talented among the others but the real fact is, they are good for nothing.  For example, they thought they know me so well and know of my pregnancy blues, but hear say and oneself experiencing it is a totally different thing. But how much do they understand?

I simply hate people telling me things like…. “I think you think too much le!” I feel like asking….. “Oh gosh! You claim that i am thinking, maybe u would like to tell me what am i thinking! Cos i dont even know what am i thinking!!!!”

On the 7th of October 2009, after work i went down to KK Hospital Women Clinic to see doctor.  After consulting the doctor and hearing of my precious baby heartbeat (its very good! according to the doctor),  he suggest that i take a blood test and also checking of my discharge which seems excess….

The result came out an hour later, with Thank GOD good news.  My blood are fine, just that the white blood is slightly higher which is pretty normal during pregnancy and of cos no dengue.  =)

But of cos the other test required to wait for 3 days….*keeping my fingers cross that everything is fine.

Doctor also gave me 2 days Mc for my cough which i have yet to fully recover…..

9th of October 2009,

The nurse called and advise me to head down to the clinic to collect my medication as the test result is out. Nothing very serious but of cos it should not be neglected also.

10th of October 2009,

A very emotional day which left me teary for the day, hope this will not affect my little precious darling.  Have been trying to sooth my emotional but i failed and got worst!

11th of October 2009,

Baby have been kicking me today. Wonder if my little precious is happy or showing temper… =)




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