What Is Pride? Respect?

14 10 2009

Can someone give me the definition of PRIDE….?

Manage to 0btain the definition from the online dictionary…

Out of so many explanation for this particular text consisting of only 5 alphabets….that spells


In my blog here, am only focusing on one….which is…on


During these period of time, i came to realize that a lot of people losing his pride in life….Gaining no respect from people surrounding him especially his family members.  Maybe some people may say things like….. “He deserve it de!” I wouldnt disagree in some sense….but instead agree. But as an adult, i guess we have to understand the whole situation before judging base on one sided story.  But think back…who are we to judge and comment when u are not the person involve?

There are 2 person in my life whom i think lost their pride to their ego.  Out of this 2, i will not be able to say much cos i am only hearing a 1 side of the story.  Throughout my observation, i don’t buy the side story at all cos….Anyway, the other one is a man whom i guess i doesn’t know how to respect after his attitude and shit.  He have been creating a nuisances, which makes me feel very disgusted.  In front of others, he always behave like an angel but what’s hidden inside is actually a devil.  As time goes by, the respect he gain from me faded.

If you think you are right then be it, cos i no longer care!

I am what you moulded! Remember this! =)




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