Wisdom Tooth Extraction

10 11 2009

Was having a terrible toothache on the 5th of Novemeber, which leads me to the decision of going for the wisdom tooth extraction the next day.  Called the dental which my brother went and decided that…YES! I need to spend this money cos its gonna hurt me and bb’s emotion in long term.

Called the dental to check out the details and decided to fix an appointment almost immediately on the next day.  However the available slot is only at 845pm and the clinic closed at 9pm. In desperation, that 15 minutes would helps eventually i guess… i agreed to the timing.

The next day came, i woke up from my nightmare cos of the last extraction i had….

As the clock goes tick tock…..its almost time for me to face the reality and i was shivering in fear.I was there early and as i stepped into the room, i almost burst out…. i am scared.

But i am really glad that the dentist who knows abt my precvious experiences and also that i am pregnant. He is so gentle that i couldnt feel the pain even the next day except the pressure feeling after the extraction when i have to bite on the guaze. And goodness, u should see the tooth that is already broken…I really wonder how i did it the last time!

Thank GOD!

Cos i really doesnt want it to affect my baobei…

She shouldnt be suffering with me!!!





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