Back-Dated Updates…

28 11 2009

23rd of November (Monday)

Had my monthly check up @ 1420hrs @ KK Hospital.  Everything went fine…. 🙂 But of cos i cant imagine my weight now to be at XX.Xkg. Lolx not posting out inorder not to scare ppl away.

After the check up, head down to Arab Street to find the baby chair. 🙂 Hmmm was kinda suprise that those handmade chairs can hardly be found already and of cos u don expect the quality to be the same lo. 😦 Anyway, just incase it really become really extint…. i bought one for my baobei. 🙂

24th November 2009 (Tuesday)

Was kinda tired today and decided to laze at home till @ about 1am.  Something freak me out.  And that is bleeding when i was in the washroom.  I was shivering so bad that i decided to get my brother to accompany me down to the hospital.  As the bleeding stopped, i decided to take a taxi down.  Upon reaching, the nurse pushed me on a wheelchair to the Delivery Suite. Okay now i admit i cried more. I am worried.  The senior nurse, then guide me to the Observation ward to check on the baby’s heartbeat.  Am happy that bb’s heartbeat is doing fine.  Doctor came and told me that its actually pretty normal as now she dont see anymore bleeding.  The ‘stone’ in my heart is removed.  Am feeling glad. And of cos during to check of  bb’s heartbeat. I have been talking to her and glad that she is moving around in me to ensure me that she is fine. :)Thanks hunnie.:)

25th of November 2009 (Wednesday)

Am resting at home today and have been reminding myself that i cannot squat or sit on the floor.

26th of Novemeber 2009 (Thurday)

Went down to JL Sales @ 9pm, just an hr before closing.  Bought a baby mat for her. 🙂 cute!

27th of Novemeber 2009 (Friday) – PH – Hari Raya Haji

Aunt came down… (for whatever reason) and we (me and mom) decided to go down to JL Sales.  As usual, the place is packed like sardine.  😦 Especially when there is Sitex there too.  Ya! Like what we commented the last time, i simply don believe that majority of the ppl are buying printers only.  Hmmm! Weird! Anyway, am happy that i manage to buy more bb’s stuffs yesterday…2 set of clothings (Winnie the Pooh), milk bottles, cap, mittens & boots, pillows & bolster. 🙂  I also bought some other stuffs for my family since Xmas is coming. 🙂 Had a really really tired day cos after the first round of shopping, we head up to Coffee Bean for a break then round 2 cos i missed out some of the items that i wanted to purchase. 🙂

I need to rest..but realise that, the weather is pretty warm last night and i didnt manage to rest well till like 3am in the morning….





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