Late Updating!

19 12 2009

Okay now! I guess, i really have to get use to the fact that i have already hit the digit 3 instead of the 2.  But ya! Like what alot of ppl say out there, age is only a number. So who cares.

Did really celebrate it big cos alot of things have been happen. So it just a small kind of celebration reminding myself thati am no longer young and shouldnt be behaving like some ppl out there….

Here are some of the photos~

The next sickening thing is when u receive a ltr from ICA asking you to change your IC. That also reminds u that…u r already hitting the 3’s. And guess what, as most ppl know that i am pregnant now mah, my photo look bloated de lo. I cant imagine the look of it. hahaahahaha*nevous de lo*

Will be going for my OGTT test on the coming Monday then head down to ICA to collect my bloated looking IC hahaha!




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