21st of December 2009

23 12 2009

Went for my usual monthly check up at KKH @ the above mentioned date.  But this time round the timing have to be changed to morning appt instead of the usual noon as i have to do a blood test called the OGTT (Oral Glucose Tolerance Test), this test will also determine if i am diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes which happens during pregnancy.And inorder for the test to be done, i have to go though fasting the night before (@ 12mn).  Cant you imagine how hungry i am?

Reach KKH at about 845am, i was told to proceed with the usual urine test, blood pressure and weight taking then proceed to Room 4 for the blood test.  Ewwww….that’s early in the morning!

Okay now, after the blood test, i was instructed by the senior nurse to drink this big cup of glucose and i must drink it standing up.  The taste is really yucky, imagine the taste of those ‘cheapskate’ candy…. Gosh! Imagine u gonna drink i and u cant puke cos if you do, the test will be canceled and u would have to repeat the same process another day!!!I am then suppose to be back to Room 4 for the 2nd blood test 2 hours later after drinking that ‘stuff’.

While i was drinking that disgusting fluid (its so sweet that i guess, the ants will get instant diabetic if they take it!), bb was kicking me so hard. Guess she was telling me how disgusting it is too!

After drinking, i head over to ADC to get my ultrasound done.  But kinda disappointed when, it reaches my turn, bb was sleeping in a Transverse position which result in unable to see her face lo. But it fine cos the most impt is the heartbeat and also then measurements of the rest goes on fine. Guess what, bb was kicking me just right after the ultrasound!  Looking at the time, its the usual time bb would kick me! 11am!!!

Today’s waiting time is slightly faster than usual (@ the clinic), the gyne say that everything about bb is fine. (so happy when u hear that from your gyne)  Request for medication for my cough and sore eyes from her too.The assistant nurse then keep repeating that, if we are not receiving any calls from her means GOOD NEWS! *nervous!

And just before i head off to the pharmacy, i went back to the ‘scary room’ call Room 4 for the 2nd blood test.  I was amaze that they ‘poke’ me on the same arm which eventually result in a instant bruise. (see pic)

Looks kinda yucky right?  But nvm la… as long as bb is fine, this is really nothing.

Went to the pharmacy to collect my medication and off to run other errands le…

*Still pondering if i should post the ultrasound scan pic since its only bb sleeping  on her tummy and facing inward (guess the room too bright le thats y! Booo!)


When down to ICA to collect my NRIC!


Sad to say my old NRIC now got one hole at the corner already!Which also means i am in the Club 30’s now!

Hmm! How come no….Welcome Pack de huh? hahahahahaha *lame*




One response

24 12 2009
SW Tan

All these will pass and sweetness will follow but not to the extend of that OGTT ba.

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