My Pregnancy Progress.

11 01 2010


63 more days

and of cos i am truely very excited about it.

Recently am experiencing more cramp and pain than before.

Thank GOD, i had this gf who guide me whenever i ask her. She told me that it is called the Braxton Hicks contration.

(Thanks babe for all the stuffs and patience in sharing with me information. Appreciate it very much! – I felt so blessed to have you as my frd…. & of cos Alena is sure to feel blessed too to have a God-ma like u! )

And what is a Braxton Hicks Contraction?

Sometimes called false contractions, Braxton Hicks are usually relatively painless and similar to menstrual cramps. They happen when your uterus tightens and then relaxes again and are irregular. Towards the end of your pregnancy they might feel a bit more painful, especially if your baby is getting head down into position.

You’ll know it’s the real thing because the contractions will become closer to each other (but still with a steady pattern) and last for longer. You’ll also feel them becoming more intense and painful. On the other hand, Braxton Hicks will wear off and do not have a steady pattern. Remember, if you’re ever in doubt, please contact your doctor.

How to cope with it?

If you find your Braxton Hicks painful then maybe you’re doing too much ? Try having a sit or lie down on your side (not your back). If that doesn’t work try gently moving around a bit or relax in a warm bath. It’s also possible you could be a bit dehydrated, so drink plenty of water.

*information extracted from –

So far i am coping well ba. But of cos beside having BH, i am also experiences soreness in some area.  Which my mom actually say that its normal.But of cos more to come.  Well, no matter what as long as my baobei Alena is healthy and fine, all these are nothing to me. Happy that my baobei have been so active lately.

Especially when i am showering and i say…

“Baobei ah… chong liang le….xiang xiang le….yao qu gai gai le lo…”

She will respond!

*when i am typing this, she is kicking me lo!* lolz

In fact i  have been trying to update my blog for days but i find myself so tired and lazy to on my laptop. Even if i on my laptop, by the time i log in to WP my mind went blank…Therefore, i spend most of my time on bed, doing some reading and resting….else i will be out with my mommy.

…Okay now…

i am feeling kinda hungry… shall stop here and grab something to eat….as my baobei Alena is kicking me so hard now… =)

Will update soon…

*Next check up : 18th Jan 2010*




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