18th Jan 2010 Check Up & Misc Updates

24 01 2010

Was kinda feeling emotion for days just before i head for my check up. And the rain contributes to the emotional feeling.  I was late for my appointment.  Anyway, the room that was suppose to attend to me was not available and i was advise to head to another room which ended up seeing the last doc, Dr. Seet.  She is a nice doc with a nice nurse attached to her unlike the previous one who mumble so much. -_-“

As there is no ultrasound to be done, the doc decided to feel (by pressing) my tummy to see the bb position. Ended up getting kicked after she say…. “oh ur bb is still lying on the transevers” and obviously though she is an experiences (i assume) doc, she got a shock.  Both the nurse and myself cant stop laughing. Well, the most important thing after all is the hearbeat  of the bb is good. =) Thats what all mommy wanna know and hear from the doc.

So far so good.  Happy that bb is active in me which also means that she is healthy and strong. =)

Oh ya. Let me share with u something…. which i find my bb really really so adorable…

I was out to help daddy with his bills paying and i happen to pass-by Sports Link.  I spotted a silver pink shoe in display and decided to check out the price.  But spotted another pinky shoe from Nike.  I then told mom that i will buy this pair of Nike pink shoe for my baobei when she is older (by then i am working le ma! Kip fingers cross)… After saying that, bb kicked me.  I wonder if she is responding “Oh, yes! I am gonna have my first Nike when i grow up!” or she is telling me she doesnt like Nike at all. LolxWhat do u think?

I cant find the one that i saw from the store.  But isnt this cute? =)

My next check up is gonna be in Feb 2010 and guess what its gonna be 36weeks plus le and its CNY 5th day. =) And the happy thing is…. there will be ultrasound scan. Wohoo… sure to look forward to it. Happy Happy! Oh that also mean i have to ge prepared with my bag packing already. =)




One response

5 03 2010

this is REALLY nice!!!! pin also has a pink nike shoe!!

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