A Brand New Lunar Year – Tiger Year

13 02 2010

A Brand New Lunar Year With Brand New Hope.

With the arrival of baobei soon, i know very well that i am putting all my focus on her.  She is my dearie baobei and i have to ensure that she is doing all well even like now when she is still in my tummy.

I know some people out there have been trying to make my life misery for the last few year when i am there. But i really THANK GOD that i am no longer there.  =) For i can also ensure that my baobei will be SAFE!

This is a msg to that person. Referring to what you updated in ur facebook.  I cant help but wonder if i should pity you cos i am not as heartless as you.  The last check up i went still shows that my heart is still pounding unlike yours.  I think somehow it stopped. Well, no matter what, you know it yourself! I always tell you this, what comes round goes around. You choose to ignore what i say. From the day, i decided to leave the house, you probably be smiling your way cos you thot u can lead the life you want with that “lovely gal” but unfortunately she left you for another guy.  From the photos, she really look ‘blessed’ unlike you who cant even afford or have the guts to give her a status.  Well, its not tough, you should know, just file (i will be very glad!!! very very glad!!!) First you lost your no. 1 which is ‘her’ and then your no. 2 love which is your nike ‘shit’.  I wonder when are you gonna lost yourself.

Whatever you have done, i am “watching”! Infact sufficient evidences to kill you. But i choose not to.  You know why?  Let me repeat again! I am not heartless!

Hmmm, ok ok la enough of all nagging le. Cos its almost 12mn!!!

Its definitely a New Year with a New Mindset & Life!

Happy CNY To All Folks!

Have A Blissful Tiger Year!




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