~CNY & Some Other Updates~

20 02 2010

On the 13th of Feb 2010 – The Eve of Lunar CNY.  I am unexpectly excited cos its the approaching of baobei’s year.

The Tiger Year! Wohooo…

Had a quiet reunion dinner @ home. =)

The rest of  the days, i have been staying home since i have no where to go.

Boring Right? lolx

However, on the 18th of Feb 2010, i am heading down to KKH for my check up.  Mom and Dad is going with me.

Reach there earlier than my initial time, i took my blood pressure & urine test as fast as i could and head over to AMC for my ultrasound.  =) I cant wait to see my baobei.

However, during my scan i was in shock when the doc told me that baobei is in Breech position.  *see image

The minute when i step in the clinic to see my doc, she suggest i either engaged a specialist to turn my baby manually which will have a low percentage of risk or opt for a c-section.  Of cos, i will go for the minimal risk.  Okay now! This doc is so specific that leads me to tears when i stepped out of the room. My doc even booked the operation room for me and set the timing.  Leaving me feeling very nervous and in shock cos thats not what i expected of cos.

Everything in my mind tells me that, all i want is my baobei to be fine and healthy.  That my first concern and will be always.After the check up, i head down to the lactation room to see Cynthia Pang where she advise me on breastfeeding, i have tons of question to ask her but the shock left my brain empty.

Anyway, after that we head down to River Ang Bao.  I was so irritated cos of Uncle Ringo, the noise level is so high that left me almost deaf and not forgetting the scorned sun.

Been trying to accept the fact that i need to go for c-sec instead.

Praying hard that everything goes on well and fine.





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