Baobei’s Check-Up

10 04 2010

On the 9th of April 2010.  Baobei was scheduled to see the doctor and also to take an ultrasound for her hips cos she came out in breech position.  I reached KKH earlier than scheduled to get my dressing changed and also to have lunch although the food there really sux but i guess cos i doesnt have any optional choice unless i want Delifrance or MacDonalds… duh!

Reached the Dignostic Image Centre early, waited for more than 20 minutes for all the nonsenses to be done and that includes the registration then the scan.  I was wondering why are we given a appointment date and time, ended up having to wait for so damn long.  Its just like Private Suite also got to queue, the only differences is…

1) U pay more(oh. thats for sure!)

2) Free flow of hot drinks

3) The ambience is darker, away from sunlight

4) The seats are sofa

5) The pharmarcy send the required medication to you (oh! cos u pay more? =) )

6) The service counter is higher like a bank

Seriously, at times i really lost my patient on this.

We waited for 1 & 1/2 hr for the report and another more than 30 minutes for the doctor, which actually the appointment suppose to be at 4pm.  Enter the room for less than 10 minutes, i am off to the payment counter. duh! WTH!

Anyway the most important thing is to know that the report is good and baobei is fine.

Yippy! =) Good to know that baobei do not need to go KKH for anymore checks. =) *smile widely!!!




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