Finally Back To Update…

14 09 2010

Up to date, my lil sweetie dearie is already 6 months plus.

She is progressing well, as now she is able to….
grab things well,
respond to things,
sit w/o support for more than 1/2 a min, flip & turn all by herself,
Running around in her walker now…

Oh ya…I started weaning lil dearie already…

These are the following items…

Baby Jar Food
Heniz Apple & Pear puree
Heniz Apple Juice

Frisocrem Rice Cereal
Cerealac Rice Cereal
Ss brown Rice

Gerber Banana Graduation Puff
Heniz Organic Biscotti

Puree / Mashed
Sweet Potato
Purple Potato

More & more items will be added to the list soon! 🙂 Hope that there will be no allergy so that lil dearie can have a healthy balance diet…*smile

Here is a picture of my lil dearie growing stage from the time she is still in my tummy till now…

Anyway sorry for not updating cos my mind become blank after I log in to my Wp account.

Will try to update more… 🙂

So many things happen in life tends to make me feel kinda numb.




One response

14 09 2010
MieVee @

Time flies indeed! Enjoy the weaning process and look forward to more updates. 🙂

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