Blood Boiling!!!

26 09 2010


I start to wonder, when will people start to understand why am I so paranoid.

My child’s health is extremely important to me and I know that the status of her health simply doesn’t bothers you, but that doesn’t mean that you have to let her suffer due to your negligence. My lil dearie is still a baby and u don expect her to tell you her discomfort if she do have!!!

I know its bad but as long as you don get a doc to diagnose the status of your health issue, I m sorry to say this. Please don get near my girl!

Lil dearie is my only child and she is my gem! No one can hurt her cos whoever does will sure to get hell from me. Well, I believe all mommies out there love and protect their child as dearie as me. Nasty comments about my girl, pls keep it to yourself. Anyway, no one is in the position to give nasty comments unless you are a saint!

So are you one?




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