Believe In Karma!

28 09 2010

Several of my friends are currently facing some obstacles with their work,  family, marriage…or should i say…in general…LIFE!

I cant help but feel sad for them..for… i wanted to help them so much but i doesnt know how to.  Cos i am facing similar issues too.

All i can say is….

Since this person doesnt know how to appreciate what is given to them, then be it and forget about it.  Its always easy in saying but doing it is tough. I been through that before and i knew that its very depressing.  But a short term torture is always better than a long term one. If chances are given but the pain is still there or increases. Then why stay on? Life is tough enough, so why add shit in life?

Its pain! But send the blessing to them. How they treat you, am sure they will do the same to their new relationship if they have.


Oh ya. Another thing is….even when u are in a blessed life don ever look down on people who are not as fortunate as you. Whats wrong with being a single mom? Is it a crime?  Who are you comment?

Well you never know if your life will change.  I am a person who believes in karma.  What goes up must come down. So be blessed and mind your words. The most evil part of a human body is the tongue! So start counting your blessing and stop insulting! You know who you are! Maybe you should start asking yourself, y are ur frds leaving you…maybe in the first place, u didnt even realise that. I guess it doesnt matter after all since u are such a snobbish bitch.





One response

28 09 2010

Good say!
Sista! I’m always here.
We can do it~

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