Hectic Start Of The Week.

14 10 2010

Monday, 11th Oct 2010

Life havent been great especially when the date of mediation approach.  I felt extremely nervous and i dont seems to be able to attend to things well. There is somehow a frustration in me.

I reached the F & J Court earlier than expected and took a queue no. I waited impatiently as i know his lawyer is gonna make things complicated. I kept looking at my lil dearie photos to obtain strength as i pray to GOD that things will go well.

My queue no was called and i walk in with jelly feet…as i start wonder how to face that judge.  I steadily walked in the cold room and sat down as they address to the issue, which leads me to some frustration….Anyway, 1 matter down! Right after that, i rushed down to LAB to get further assistance and that’s the place i start getting upset and cried so badly.   But Thank GOD, the lawyer who attended to me was a nice lady.

Tuesday, 12th October 2010

Lil Dearie’s FM is running low and not forgetting my BP too. Rush down to the supermarket and came to know that the night baazar started, so i had a nice walk with Pb and mom.

Wednesday, 13th October 2010

Meet up with Mommy Wendy @ Kallang Leisure Park.  Suppose to let lil dearie play @ Peek A Boo but she just woke up from her beauty nap. Ended up shopping there and Suntec Carrefour and bought a top for lil dearie.

Thursday, 14th October 2010

Accompany mom to the clinic and unfortunately me and lil dearie met a crazy woman who try to grab her. Oh My! After that she start grabbing leftovers and start eating them.  I felt so disgusted. Just imagine how tightly i hug my girl. =_=”

This week is such a rushing and exciting week, meeting very challenging people around me.

Keeping my finger crossed that no more worst issue coming. Arghhh…else i am sure that i would go crazy!!!

So now… Whats my Friday, Saturday & Sunday Plans??? hmmmm!




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