24 10 2010

Am glad that the haze from Indonesia is clearing already.  Thank GOD for the rain as it does help in clearing it.

I went for it already….and am so happy that i got it! Gonna do it on Monday. Yippy. Just hope that everything go well. 🙂

Went Baby Fair on Friday late evening and realise that its more for new born or maybe preggy mommies.  Not much of good deals, except for the Baby Bites @ $1.90 instead of $2.40.  I got 2 top or should i say dress for lil dearie…and guess what… its Hello Kitty! There is not much deal for the diapers though Goon, Mamy Poko, Huggies & Drypers are there….Guess i am gonna just wait for Parenthood Fair in Nov 2010.

On Saturday, its a really rushing day for me, as i need to dropby my cousin place to pass her, her pressie….Didnt manage to see her cos she is rushing back to her hubby place… Well, customary wedding are boring but it seems like its a must for certain family. After that i went to NP to meet 2 mommies. One is to change the FM and the other a carrier. Had dinner at Manhattan Fish Market. 🙂 Nice! Thanks for the nice dinner 🙂

On Sunday, i went Baby Fair again and gt lil dearie a Lamaze stroller toy and am glad that she love it. Glad that i finally got it as her MaClaren’s stroller have no handle bar…and lil dearie have problem sitting up cos most of the time she slouch! -_-” I regret that i didnt stock up my Baby Bites!!!! There is no more in stock today! Damn!

The rest of the plans cancelled cos of the rain and lil dearie seems a lil cranky.  She started teething and the intake of FM is dropping…. 😦 Hope that everything will go on well…. 🙂

Geeeee! I am so tempted to get a personalised pillow case or just something personalised for lil dearie…. Anyone have any suggestions???






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