Weekly Update

6 11 2010

Met up with Wendy and family at Kallang on Tue 26/10. Was very late as lil sweetie need to drink her milk before heading out…. Had fun there but we didnt stay long as its kinda crowded. Guess there is another group of forum mommies there.

*All photos in FB! 🙂

28th Oct 2010. Its a stressful day for me. Lil dearie had excess wind in her tummy….causing discomfort for her. Ended ‘merlion-ing’ for 2 of her feed and of cos super cranky but active. Feeling uneasy, i decided to bring her to the doctor, however the usual GP she is seeing is OFF! I then decided to bring her to my ‘boss’…lolz. Thanks Goodness, Dr.Chong is on duty! 🙂 After examined, glad to know that she is okay.And i finally give in to the teething gel….Surprisingly, it works wonders!

30th Oct 2010. Glad that lil dearie is fine. Dropby to Kallang but it was crowded and they had events on….so we decided to shop around and head down to Parkway! As i need to buy lil dearie stuffs….Ended up looking around for her toy…ya! Her Winnie the Pooh teething toy! And we only manage to find it like almost half and hour later. Fortunately someone is nice enough to put it on the rack and not step on it or kick it under the shelf! Phew!!!! Heartpain lo! Cos i took some time to find this bear! I cant imagine what will happen if this bear is going to be away from me…hahaha *sound like mine siah! But its my lil dearie “smelly bearbear”!!! Kinda angry la but after looking at her cheery look….hahaha i cant help but smile.


Yeahhhh! i finally manage to upload a pic of her smelly bear bear!!!




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