Speechless Thots.

11 11 2010


In life, nothing is perfect so why compare so much?Isnt it tiring to compare so much?

Even the richest person, prettiest, smartest …etc person do have flaws in them. Isnt it? Cos no one….nothing is perfect in this whole wide world. The only differences is whether you r more fortunate or less fortunate….

Sometimes i wonder, why you love comparing yourself with me.  Since young, you are already comparing your academic with me, then next is relationship then marriage then …..well, the list go on and on….and i start to wonder when u are gonna stop.

From the start, i knew that you are kinda pissed off to know that i am getting married… However, it kinda bring you a smile when u know that my marriage sucks and now ended. Then the next thing is my pregnancy…you doesn’t know anything cos i am avoiding all your calls and messages…and in fact when i changed my contact, i cant be bother to inform you either. Then you got a surprise to know that i already gave birth to a lil princess… I bet at that time, u are cursing and swearing…but do u think i care….

You try to text me and start some nasty conversation….

Do u think it kills me?





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