Terrible Nursing Room In Singapore!

14 11 2010

I personally feels that the nursing room in Suntec really sucks and of cos the Combi one have to queue!

Can you imagine there are roaches moving about in the room, oh not forgetting the water dispenser…too! Its totally disgusting! Ewww! This really pissed me off when i visited the mall yst. Well, anyway the location of the nursing room is so damn far if you happen to be at the other side of the mall!

Next…Century Square nursing room! The changing station is lousy! The set up is so high up and even a tall family member complains abt the inconveniences of it….There is no water dispenser and VENTILATION! Cool ya! Anyone who wanted to visit the sauna, can visit the nursing room in C.S. Its between Kiddy Palace and Foodcourt!

Next…Parkway Parade nursing room! Its too dark and some babies infact become very cranky cos they like brightness! No privacy! I was breastfeeding when someone keep knocking on the door to refill their bottles! WTH!

Next….City Square Mall. I personally like this place as its full equipped with water dispenser etc. Just that the door will open and closed very often cos people are walking in and out to refill their bottles and its kinda cramp over the bfing room!

Hmmm….thats all i can think abt at the moment…

Will update again!







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