30 11 2010

Among the gloomy face, appears a smiling face… And thats probably mine.

Life have been really challenging lately after my lil dearie’s check up. The nurses and doctor are warning me about her tip toe condition which worries me.  After consideration, the decision is to buy her a playpen.  Heading down to Parenthood Fair with disappointment cos there is not much great deals and the Sitex is killing us cos there is no parking space, unless we park all the way @ Max Pavilion. And of cos the weather kills leads us to frustration…

Went down to Baby Hyperstore & Baby Kingdom with disappointment again cos the price is kinda pricey! And lil dearie actually cried after i try putting her in one of the playpen to test.

Saturday, meet up with mummy Flo & Wen’s family, for the fair. Didnt manage to get anything again… Which after that i head to Giant to stock up lil dearie fm since the deal is good. Thanks Flo for sending me there and sending me home. Not forgetting Wen & Ben who came to fetch me to the fair. 🙂

Thank you so much!!!  🙂

Sunday is a really tiring day! Was in Tampines almost the whole day, moving around the 3 shopping mall! Price checking @ Mums & Babes, United Kids, Kiddy Palace, Toys R Us and even BHG for the playpen & playard!  Its a super tough decision cos there is pros and cons of both items. We finally come to the conclusion that if she is not gonna cry when i put her in the playpen in Mums & Babes, we will finalized in that. hahaha

Yesterday, a Monday!

Went central to look for playpen additional mattress….The weather is initially scorning! But was very surprise to know that it eventually start to pour…. Out of no choice, we decided to walk all the way back to the interchange to take a bus instead of walking home.  🙂 On the route back, we met a few nice passerby who helped us with the stroller…. Though i don know you, i would like to say thanks to you for ur help… I always thought there is no one like u guys!

Items i ordered from oversea is here already! But i am so disappointed when the size and design was sent wrongly! Pissed off but manage to get some rectification on it!

Hmmm! Does that mean i should change supplier?








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