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21 12 2010

Life have been really challenging lately having to toggle
between work and family. In the very beginning, i think i did
neglected my Lil sweetheart but of cos this didn’t pull us
apart. Instead, now she is very ‘stuck’ to me. Came across
the photo-shoot promotion in Today’s Motherhood and decide to bring
Lil sweetheart there to give it a try. Just praying hard that
her mood will be great on that day. I am so excited about it and
look forward to it so much. whoopee! As the package consist of a
personal outfit, i did spend some time selecting her clothing. The
day came as we head down to the studio on the 15th Dec along with
Mommy Wendy and her lil love, Benson! Was planning for a
quiet ride on the train but the weather spoil the whole plan. Out
of no choice, i called and book a taxi as we head down town.
The weather is a total screwed up! All plans changed becos of that! But I m glad that lil sweetheart’s mood is fantastic before n during the photo-shoot!!! Can’t wait for the photos to b ready!!! 🙂 The sneak preview of the photos is making me excited!!! Lolx

The next big thing that kept me really busy sourcibg around is my Lil sweetheart’s 1st birthday which is coming real soon…Yes!!! Time flies and she is almost 1 year old! Am so excited and sure looking forward
too! A look at the checklist, all the stuffs are more or less confirm already. As some of the things will only require 1 week before to reserved. But the most important things is settled. Anything for my lil sweetheart is sure to worth it!

A little update on the progress of my sweetheart: She is having the
capability to crawl very fast & steadily, stand with the support of anything around (but must be stable), stand without support for a couple of seconds, eating more solid food

With her upper tooth seem to be appearing soon!

A little pic of my
lil naughty sweetheart! A photo taken on my bd this year! Oh ya!
Bedok Point is operating already. But kinda disappointed cos
most of them are F&B! The shopping areas are limited.
There is no supermart unlike Centerpoint, Compass Point, East
Point…etc. The only so call convenient stall is Cheers!
This is definitely not a place for shopping but eating. So
anyone coming over to the mall, give me a buzz ok? We go kopi!!!




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