28 12 2010

Lately I have been feeling very depress and all negative
came flashing in my mind. I am been biting my teeth tight and
keeping my fingers crossed, hoping that i will not lost myself.
Keeping quiet doesn’t mean that I don care…just that even if I am
gonna voice out…will it be even noted? I guess not…!!! So
what’s the use of voicing out? I better keep my mouth shut like a
mute since whatever I say will be like the noises out on the
street… I tried very hard to give the best to all of you but it
seems like I am taken advantage of everything. I choose to cover
one eye and all I hope is all of you to be happy. But all I get at
the end is insults and hurting words. I have never ask for anything
back and that of cos includes hurting words for sure. Deep in me
there is a scar… Instead of lightening it.. It’s now a wound and
it’s bleeding… One fine day when the bleeding stop…You will
probably know that…that’s the day! Anyway, I m so useless and
couldn’t play the roles in my life well….I am probably a person
to be forgotten!




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