Happy 2011!!!

1 01 2011

Before I start on my long winded blog (probably!).. Let me just wish all my lovely families and friends out there… A Happy Happy 2011!!!

With my sincere blessing (which every alphabets with a meaning…) Friends whom I have their mobile nos would have receive my blessing in their mobile… 🙂

B-egin our year wit
L-ove in our heart
E-xpect blessings
S-hare goodness
S-hine like the sun
I-nspire some one
N-ever forget that
G-od is with us.

No special celebration today…but I am glad to have my Lil sweetheart with me though she is extremely mischievous today. 🙂 Lil sweetheart seems to be so much more excited than me as she started screaming since 10.30pm and we were so worried that someone may lodge a complain! Hahaha and guess what? She is showing me the 1 sign whenever they say 2011!!! *cute! Now that she finally fall aslp, I thought of doing a quick update on my blog!

2010 have been a rough year for me. Just hope that this new year will b a better one as life would b more n more challenging as time passes! I also do hope to see some improvement in my wish & resolution list.

And of cos “those” issues to be resolved real soon so that I can start planning on the next stage! (Close friends would probably know, what I am talking about! Hahaha!)

Guess I should just stop here! Else I will be a zombie CA later! Haha!

Happy New Year!!! (again!)




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