Fell Sick

11 01 2011

It been some time since i really fell so sick.

It started on a Saturday night and i thought i will be fine after a good night rest. Only to woke up vomiting and shivering.  Its a rather cool weather and i thought it may be bcos of the cool breeze.  But i am totally wrong!!! I was wearing a thick sweater and i am still shivering under my blanket! And the wrong thing to have is….I AM ALL ALONE AT HOME and i have to take care of lil dearie who is at the stage of being very active. I almost wanted to die. I cried non stop and it seems that li dearie just cant stop being mischievous! Argh! HELPPPPP! Thats what i shouted!  And most of the time i am just simply worried about lil dearie safety cos she is climbing up and down non stop and i am in the mist of fainting! I vomited a total of 3-4 times and i fever went as high as 38.9! After the whole day of endurance, i gave up and went to see a doctor at the nearby clinic! I was given an injection and medication.  Thank GOD that everything is better now and i do hope that i can recover fast enough else i might spread the virus to my lil dearie and i will not be able to carryy on my job well!

Got to end now as my lil dearie woke up!




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